Know Your Nootropics—Safety Concerns

As a smart consumer you should know not to trust everything you read on the internet. A healthy dose of skepticism is a required skill these days. We should make our decisions based off scientific proof, especially when it comes to substances we put into our bodies. Be sure to research carefully, and weigh the benefits of a substance versus its known side effects.

Know Your Nootropics—Safety ConcernsLet’s ask the question that’s on your mind right now. How safe are nootropics? The matter, like any medical issue, is not cut and dry. Although science can give us clear answers, the world is still not made up strictly of blacks and whites. When it comes to nootropics there are a variety of angles to look at. Your body’s chemistry, your level of sensitivity, and even your mood can affect how your body deals with nootropics. If there was a product that had absolutely zero side effects for every single person that took it, it would be amazing. But in reality, there are very things that would qualify. Think of nootropics just like any other substance you would take. There’s always the chance of having a negative side effect, but the same can be said of common foods.

Nootropics are not a no risk substance, but they are a low risk substance. Some drugs on the market can have fatal side effects; they say so in their commercials on TV. One has to consider the safety of everything they put in their body.

Thankfully, there have been no reported fatalities caused by nootropics. Even hospitalizations caused by improper nootropics use are extremely rare. Generally speaking, the risk factors associated with nootropics are very low.

Know Your Nootropics—Safety ConcernsIn our other articles, we’ve discussed the side effects common with nootropics. Keep in mind that these effects will vary by type of nootropic, and by any number of other factors. For instance, it is extremely important that you check with your doctor before mixing nootropics with your other medication.

Is There a Risk of Brain Damage?

A chief concern of people taking nootropics is damage to the brain and the risk of neurotoxicity. Some types of nootropics perform on varying aspects of the body, and not all of them work on the same neurotransmitters. In some cases, you’d have to worry about damage to the cholinergic acetylcholine receptor. In others, one might be concerned about glutamate excitoxicity.

If you scan the web, you’ll find forum posters worrying about overloading their receptors or getting burned out on nootropics. However, years of studies have indicated that nootropics are safe on the nervous system, even when taken in high dosages. In fact, they are non-neurotoxic.

Have no fear about causing brain damage. Research has actually shown that nootropics can protect against damage to the brain. As long as you stick to the advised doses, glutamate excitoxicity is something you needn’t worry about. And remember that taking too much of anything will be bad for your system.