Top Nootropics to Increase Your Libido

We all know that nootropics are used because they can help to increase our capacity for memory, boost cognition, and increase our focus. But did you know that some nootropics can also increase your libido? Libido is the physiological and emotional aspects of the sex drive.

This is different from one’s ability to sexually perform. One might wish to improve their sex drive because they want to experience a greater physiological response with their sexual partner. People who become depressed often experience a decrease in libido. Another reason could be a hormonal imbalance caused by high-stress levels.

Top Nootropics to Increase Your LibidoYour Brain and Your Libido

Women and men experience sexual desires in different ways. This should not come as a shock.  However, the parasympathetic system of nerves comes into play with both genders.

This system is responsible for the dispersal of epinephrine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These chemicals create pleasant feelings of sexual arousal, desire, and motivation.

Neurotransmitters That Will Boost Your Libido

This is a list of nootropics that you will want to consider when looking to boost your libido. We’re going to focus solely on enzymes and neurotransmitters, as they are most closely linked to sexual desire.


This is a neurotransmitter and it is responsible for enhancing your focus, ability to learn, and long and short-term memory. It is necessary for a multitude of cognitive functions, and is a seriously important piece of your brain’s chemistry. Because it is heavily involved with the parasympathetic system, it can drastically improve your sex drive.

Basically, acetylcholine helps transmit signals. The better the transmissions, the better the connections.

Top Nootropics to Increase Your LibidoAcetylcholinesterase

This is an enzyme responsible for breaking down acetylcholine inside your brain. Now, we just learned that acetylcholine is very important, so we want to stop acetylcholinesterase from doing its damage. Try taking a supplement like Huperzine A to put a stop to the damaging effects of this enzyme.


Here’s another neurotransmitter. It is responsible for the good feelings you experience. When you encounter a positive stimuli, serotonin is released, and it makes you feel better. It will also help you sleep better and reduce your stress levels. This is very important to your libido.


This neurotransmitter is well known as a libido booster. It’s similar to serotonin, in that it makes you feel better. When your dopamine levels are decreased, so is your libido. Dopamine will get rid of your anxiety and generally make you feel very good about yourself. Its positive effects regarding the body are almost too numerous to count.

What About Natural Options?

If you still don’t want to take a drug, there are some natural remedies that have been proven to increase one’s sexual urges. We’ve listed the two most popular natural nootropics below.

Top Nootropics to Increase Your LibidoGinseng

This is an herb that has been used by practitioners of Chinese medicine for centuries. Ginseng increases nitric oxide, which happens to be a common factor of popular prescription drugs for impotence. It improves your mood, helps you to become aroused, and generally increases your libido.


This is another herb from the shelf of Chinese medicine. It is commonly implemented by people looking to generate more brain power or increase their concentration. Some studies have indicated that it can also increase a person’s libido.