This article is a review of a cerebral improvement supplement called Addium. This product increases energy and concentration. Addium also increases brain performance, brain activity, and vigilance. You will learn more about this product as you proceed through the article.


Addium contains:

  • Tyrosine– helps the brain by creating neurotransmitters, promotes mental attentiveness.
  • GABA- neurotransmitter that inhibits overexcitement in order to retain focus.
  • Bacopa Monnieri- increases cognitive function and the flow of cerebral blood.
  • Alpha GPC- promotes health cognition by ensuring that neurotransmission activities occur properly.
  • Huperzine A– obstructs acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down acetylcholine.


One of the distinctive features of this product is that users do not need a prescription in order to use it. The fact that it’s an over the counter medication is more convenient for users because they won’t have to go to the doctor’s office if they want to begin using the product.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer claims that this product offers long-term benefits without any undesirable side effects especially when taken at the same time as other drugs.


The price of a bottle of Addium varies depending on the package you choose. A single bottle for a one-month supply will cost you $39.95 on the company’s website. Three bottles for a three-month supply will cost you $89.95 on the company’s website. A two-month supply (2 bottles) will cost you $64.93. Such discounted prices provide consumers with the opportunity to choose an appropriate package that matches with their financial ability, as well as needs. The offered prices are reasonable compared to the prices of other similar products. These prices signify that Addium is a quality product that users can trust even if they spend a bit more than when purchasing other products.


The manufacturer of Addium offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturer is confident that users will like the product. Users who are not satisfied have the freedom to the return the product for a total refund. The fact that the manufacturer is confident with this product also helps to increase the confidence of consumers towards the product. This confidence is an indication that Addium is a quality product because the manufacturer cannot risk returning money for already sold products knowing that many users will return the product. Another significant indication of quality is the presence of several product reviews by satisfied customers. Buyers who might not necessarily trust the manufacturer will definitely trust the views of buyers who have benefited from the product.


Addium is an appropriate product for users who want to increase their energy, focus, brain performance, brain activity, and vigilance. Several indicators show that this is a quality product. Besides the combination of trusted ingredients, the product has no side effects. Moreover, users are guaranteed to experience results and if they don’t, they will receive a full refunt. However, there is no evidence of GMP certification and users may have trouble when trying to take the right dosage because there is no prescription.

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