4 Curative Effects of Huperzine A

This incredibly useful alkaloid compound, known as Huperzine A, is also a powerful nootropic. Various studies performed in recent years indicate that Huperizine A can assist people suffering from dementia. In addition to this, the substance can reduce weakness in muscles. The naturally occurring substance is taken from a variety of Huperzia plants, and purified into chemical form.

Let’s review the research. The following data came from eighty studies that were performed over the last decade. When most users of nootropics think about Huperzine A, or add it to their nootropic stack, their goal is to increase their memory power. As we’ve said in other articles, it is good practice to check with your doctor about any substance you put into your body.4 Curative Effects of Huperzine A

1. Turns Cognitive Problems into Cognitive Gains

You may not realize that diabetes can cause a decline in cognitive abilities. Remember that diabetes is one of the biggest diseases in America, and therefore this decline could have a huge effect on our society. This serious condition can damage a person’s memory, and make it difficult for them to perform normal, day to day tasks.

Recently, a medical research team had taken it upon themselves to see if Huperzine A can combat these effects. They gave lab mice a small dose of Huperzine A and determined that it caused an uptick in the diabetic mice’s cognitive abilities. Also reassuring, the mice that received no Huperzine A had an actual decline in the abilities of both their cognitive functions and physical strength.

2. Battles Alzheimer’s Disease

If Huperzine A can combat the effects of diabetes, it should be able to help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, a 2014 study of vascular dementia found that Huperzine A actually did have a positive effect on patients’ ability to remember things. Participants in this study claimed that Huperzine A gave them a better quality of life.

3. Reverses Damage Caused by Brain Lesions

4 Curative Effects of Huperzine AThe same research team that studied Huperzine A’s effects against Alzheimer’s also decided to perform another test to determine whether or not the substance might give relief to those with Meynert lesions, which is a problem with the nucleus basalis.

Animals with these lesions were given small doses of Huperzine A. The results were astonishing. The team concluded that Huperzine A was able to repair connectivity  pertaining to the cholinergic cortico-hippocampal functions.

4. Cures Altitude Sickness

A common problem among extreme mountain climbers is that lacking oxygen at high altitudes can lead to neurological damage. Could Huperzine A also combat this problem?

A team of scientists put it to the test. They simulated the effects of altitude sickness in rats, while giving them a very small dose of Huperzine A. What happened? The rats displayed a reversal of problems typical to those suffering from altitude sickness. They were no longer susceptible to hypoxia.

Of course, the main reason people want to use Huperzine A is to increase their capacity to remember. And Huperzine A can definitely help with that, but now we know that it can also help people with different, serious, chronic medical issues as well.