Nootropics For Everyone

Nootropics are very popular and they are often referred to as ‘smart drugs’. There are many pop culture references to nootropics in film, music and in the news. Recently, CNN reported a story of a rich tech investor who spent nearly $300,000 to learn which nootropics would make him smarter, faster and sharper.

Nootropics For EveryoneNootropics are not new and they are not only for the rich. The Internet has long been a haven for the experiment nootropic community. There are extensive communities interested in nootropics on Reddit and Some people are curious and some are full biohackers who use the online communities as a way to both learn more about the drugs they find so interesting as well as share their own stories.

These drugs officially reached  the mainstream media when the New Yorker published a piece about the drug psilocybin, which is a psychedelic drug that is said to treat addiction, anxiety and even depression. Along with caffeine, Adderall and THC, psilcybin is just another drug that is said to help people grab control of their life as long as they are taken according to specific instructions laid out by doctors.

Humans have been experimenting with nootropics in one form or another throughout history. There are documented reports of supplementation in the 10th century when Ethiopian tribes would mix coffee beans with lard in an attempt to improve their stamina for longer hunts. In the 15th century, warriors of Inca tribes would chew on coca leaves as their prepared for battles. In the 20th century, humans of all backgrounds experiment with anything from hormones to protein powder to gain the competitive edge in sporting competitions.

Humans have never been perfect. We did not lose cognition or ability over time but we have been driven towards it. Now, we have the technology to really work towards improving cognitive function in a real way that will last. Improving the mind can benefit both the individual and society and science can do this in a way that manages risks while providing real insight.

Nootropics For EveryoneSome people think that it won’t be long before nootropics go completely mainstream. Although they are not found in your local supermarket yet, it would not be a surprise if they were soon. Silicon Valley is at the center of the movement but the regulation and safety of nootropics matter. While nootropics are coming, they won’t be here tomorrow.

Nootropics should be experimented with in a safe and controlled environment. They should always be taken under the guidance of a physician. They should not be used in un-healthy adults and if they are taken improperly they can cause damage. The case of misuse is most often made by students who use Adderall to study for tests. Adderall has a high potential for dependence and abuse and colleges throughout the country are attempting to educate students to the potential dangers of drugs like Adderall.

As nootropics begin to grow faster, they should adopt the same core principles that tech companies like Google do: ‘don’t be evil’. The nootropics industry should be keenly aware of this principle because they have the potential to do a different kind of damage to what Silicon Valley can do. If manufacturers and operators commit to achieving scientific greatness for the benefit of their fellow humans, they can make sure that the industry moves in the right direction.

While it is still early days, a bright future lies ahead of nootropics. There is a whole new world waiting for people out there full of new forms of productivity and social interaction that nootropics will bring about very soon.