Study Better, Work Harder, Meet Life’s Demands—with L-Theanine

It seems like no one sleeps anymore. Everyone is so busy with work and school, and the world only seems to demand more from us with each passing day. “Get ready for this presentation by Thursday,” “You have an exam this Tuesday,” “Write a twenty page paper by Friday.” Sound familiar? Some people, especially students, often turn to drugs like Ritalin or Adderall to help improve their brain function and their ability to concentrate. But these are serious drugs that need to be prescribed by a doctor. And they have tons of negative side effects. Today, we’re going to introduce you to a safe, natural way of enhancing your brain function. We’re talking about supplements known as nootropics, of which L-theanine is a common one.Study Better, Work Harder, Meet Life’s Demands—with L-Theanine

L-Theanine? What is it?

L-theanine is commonly found in green or black tea. It’s an amino acid, which has also been distilled into powders and pills, and can be found at most supplement shops. We call this a nootropic because it improves the functions of the brain. It makes you more alert, helps you concentrate, and can even reduce anxiety and make you more relaxed. And it doesn’t have the negative side effects of over the counter drugs. It won’t make you sleepy. And on top of all this, L-theanine is an anti-oxidant!

How Does It Affect My Cognitive Abilities?

By suppressing glucocorticoids, L-theanine is able to improve brain functions. These glucocorticoids are responsible for unbalancing your brain chemistry, and can be induced by stress, anxiety, or depression. Basically, they block neurotransmitters, and keep them from sending their important chemical messages. If we get rid of glucocorticoids, we can reduce stress and remove anxiety.

Not only does L-theanine get rid of bad feelings caused by glucocorticoids, it can also make you feel better and more relaxed. It initiates brain functions like memory, both long and short, and cognition. In essence, it’ll make it easier for you to learn. It generates a feeling of peaceful focus.  When taking L-theanine, your alpha patterns increase. This means you’ll be able to pay better attention to your surroundings, and remain on full alert. Having trouble with a short attention span? L-theanine can help with that too. In fact, L-theanine has been shown, in multiple studies, to increase almost all functions of the brain.Study Better, Work Harder, Meet Life’s Demands—with L-Theanine

Are there associated side effects?

It’s easy to take L-theanine. There have not been reports of any negative side effects. Some people claim to experience cramps, stomach pain, head pain, or gas, but this is generally caused by caffeine, not L-theanine. You see, sources of L-theanine, such as black tea, also have a high caffeine content. We recommend finding a substance that contains between 40-410mg of L-theanine, and take it once a day. The proper amount will depend on the individual’s body chemistry.

Try not to mix L-theanine with drinks like coffee or soda. It’ll give you headaches. By removing caffeine from your diet, you’ll be more relaxed and at ease.

Where are L-Theanine retailers?

L-theanine can be found in a variety of places, from online vendors, to your local supplement shop. Try to search around and find the best price.


L-theanine will increase all of your brain functions without the side effects associated with coffee and energy drinks. If life is demanding more of you, consider adding this supplement to your regimen.